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This post is to show you how annoying it is when I go to the #rolltide tag and see someone bashing my school.

I don’t care that you hate the University of Alabama, I just don’t want to see it.

Don’t want this in the #wareagle tag? Now you see how I feel.

Have a nice day, and Roll Tide.



The break room in the Auburn University history department. — Agent Seeker

One of our Twitter agents roots for ‘Bama, and here we see we have agents at Auburn as well. Agent Support Services is glad to see that everyone in the SMART Department can work together harmoniously on this mission. — Agent Stiletto 

Roll Tide to that!

I’ll be your best friend if you make me a wallpaper of Clint’s new logo. Just his logo. PLEASE? 


Wait. Does this mean……………… DOES IT? *Loki Voice* TELL ME!

“First one to bring me that will get a ride back with Peggy Agent Carter!”

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The Avengers (2012) - end credits (x).

I love this.

(via fuckyeah-avengers)

best part.

1. Mark Ruffalo > Edward Norton: He played was the perfect Bruce Banner.

2. Tony Stark having just the right amount of smugness.

3. The timing of the first appearances of each character.

4. ScarJo really looking scared of the Hulk.

5. Captain America. Yes. Just Cap being Cap. 

6. The fighting between the team.

7. The actual battle lasting more than 10 minutes. (most action movies let me down with final battles.)

8. Loki thinking he is all that and a bag o’ chips.

9. Hawkeye having all the tricks.

10. All two hours and 22 minutes.